a pink book with an image of a locker-type lock with wings

A Guide to Picking Locks: Number Two

by Nick Adams Author and CrimethInc Author

Gives the basics on everything from warded locks to key shapes to lock modifications. With this zine no door will hold you! Featuring a beautiful design by Ian Lyman, issue two is a heavy dose of lock-pick know-how written by an experienced locksmith. If you're looking for the next zine in your ongoing quest towards self-sufficient DIY awesomeness, here's your new best buddy. Presenting part two of the CrimethInc Guide to Picking Locks series! This time around all the goods are packaged in a handy pocket-sized edition with a snazzy pink cover.

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This is A Guide to Picking Locks #2

Comments & Reviews


"The guide to lockpicking is pretty thorough, explaining all the different kinds of locks and keys and giving practical advice on how to practice and hone your skills. But the best part of the book is the writer representing himself as a thief who has been on hundreds of jobs and seen it all. 'I have witnessed specialists actually attempt to pick a lock with with keyway tools before even checking to see if the lock is actually locked,' he chuckles, though he could have offered the suggestion since he was there. "