No Wall They Can Build by CrimethInc [Just your classic massive North American border wall]

No Wall They Can Build

by CrimethInc Author

Why do people cross the border without documents? How do they make the journey? Whose interests does the border serve and what has it done to North America?

Every year, thousands of people risk their lives to cross the desert between Mexico and the United States. Drawing on nearly a decade of solidarity work along the border, this book uncovers the true goals and costs of US border policy and what to do about it.


The border is not a wall—it’s a system of control.

It doesn’t protect people; it pits them against each other.

It doesn’t foster togetherness; it breeds resentment.

It doesn’t keep out predators; it gives them badges and guns.

The border does not divide one world from another.

There is only one world, and the border is tearing it apart.