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Christopher Columbus and His Expeditions to America

by John Gerlach Author

While past histories depict Christopher Columbus as either god-sent angel or bloodthirsty demon, Simple History Series author J. Gerlach opts to let the events stand on their own, allowing readers to draw up their own conclusions. The result in Gerlach's heavy illustrated Christopher Columbus and His Expeditions to America is a fair and objective portrait of the oft-maligned man. As says Gerlach, "Columbus' importance is debatable. His drive and courage put him in position to 'discover' America, but his greatness depends on your definition of the word 'great.'" The story presented here is one of wholesale murder, wild ambition, and supersized gold lust. It's a dark piece of our history made even darker with facts generally left out of textbooks. But, as always, Simple History allows us to think for ourselves. In this age of heavily biased "news" media and propaganda-as-documentary, this brand of objective history-telling is refreshing and much needed.

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Comments & Reviews


"This really was an adventure: the Unknown! Fascinating details of the bravery-and it was bravery-that led Columbus and his crew to locate and continue to explore once on terra ferma."


"Columbus, with its bibliography full of Howard Zinn and James W. Loewen, presents a digestible version of a narrative that is not as familiar as it should be. It’s a useful, friendly zine. Even the title makes it sound like a congenial outdoor excursion by two friends: Columbus and his Expeditions! At last, together again!"