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The Spanish Civil War

by John Gerlach Author

The Spanish Civil War is part of John Gerlach's Simple History series! It’s 1936 and the world watches religious powers and fascists erupt into conflict with the proletariat left and anarchists in Spain. This zine presents a well-rounded and succinct account of the turbulence in late 30’s Spain. Complete with illustrations and a logical account of the complications throughout the civil war, this is an excellent zine for understanding history often poorly presented in high school.




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Microcosm’s Simple History Series is a collection of small zines on big historical events. They're sort of like the notes that a really good student would take in a history class while the rest of us doodled and decorated the covers of our notebooks with our favorite bands' names (Me: Hüsker Dü, You: Mötely Crüe, probably). The subject of issue number four is the Spanish Civil War—another major turning point in the war between left and right-wing ideologies that would preoccupy world powers for the next few wars (hot and cold) for the bulk of the 20th Century. This edition is interesting, easy to digest and kind of a cool thing to have on the bookshelf next to your Johnny Ryan comics—kinda classes things up a bit (no offense, Johnny).


So do you remember in your high school history class studying the Spanish Civil War and really not being able to connect it to anything else going on in your class? More than likely that is because it wasn’t taught the way it really happened. Enter the Simple History Series. This series easily explains how Spain moved towards civil war and how fascist nations like Germany and Italy begin to fight a proxy war with The Soviet Union and other countries. Of course this is interesting to me because modern propaganda lumps the Soviet communist together with the fascist, which couldn’t be further from the truth.