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Manspressions: Decoding Men's Behavior

by Joe Biel Author, Elly Blue Author and Meggyn Pomerleau Illustrator

You've heard of mansplaining, but what about manstitutions? From manologues to manversations, mantrums to manger, the behavior of men is decoded at last for your enlightenment and entertainment. It's a new wave of feminism, and that wave requires a new language. Manspressions creates a common language for societal forces that hold everyone back, but that have been difficult to talk about until now—because we lacked the words.




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"This is a man’s world, and if you want to not only function but thrive in it, you’re gonna need to be able to speak the language. Now, thanks to our friends at Microcosm Publishing, help has arrived."


Outside your comfort zone! A hilarious illustrated guide to Man-isms, i.e. words they defined or altered to include the word "man."