blighted building with murals reading "falsas promesas" and "broken promises"

$25 Superpack: Pissed with a Purpose

by Joe Biel Author, Erica Dawn Lyle Author, Joshua Ploeg Author, Super Pack! Author and Robert Wildwood Author

Are you young and enraged? Um, yep, we get that. You have every reason to be mad. But before you run off and join the RCP or start thinking of violent first player games as a career manual, or worst of all start to believe there's no point at all, READ THESE BOOKS.

The power of punk rock is real and can give purpose and pleasure to even the most meaningless suburban existence, the stupidest authoritarian controls, and the bleakest life prospects. We should know. We're angry too and that's why we're in this thing.

Here are some books and stuff that we'll send you if you get this angriest of superpacks:

Scam - You don't need a home or money or family or even electricity to live it up. This is a collection of Erick Lyle's huge photocopied zines about squatting, scamming, adventuring, dumpstering, generator shows, and finding the worst and the best on the streets of Miami in the 1990s. It's so funny and so good. If there's one book in our catalog we wish every pissed off young person could read it's this.

Good Trouble - Microcosm founder Joe Biel tells the story of finding his meaning and purpose when all the decks were stacked against him.

Unsinkable - Plot your escape, literally or metaphorically, with this manual and story about building a raft out of scrap and sailing it down the Mississippi

This Ain't No Picnic - Let Joshua Ploeg + friends tell you some stories about punk rock -- the music and the life -- and teach you to cook some mind-blowing foods out of ingredients you can often get outta the Dumpster. This is a good cookbook. And it's more than a cookbook. It's not like anything else ever.

Plus, we'll choose and send you three zines we think you'll like. If you tell us a little about what you're into and what you're dealing with in the order notes we'll choose based on that. Otherwise we'll send ones we like and recommend.