A book with a photo of a person steering a hand-made boat on a river

Unsinkable: How to build Plywood Pontoons & Longtail Boat Motors Out of Scrap

by Robert Wildwood

There's nothing like a good adventure story! Pair that with a how-to manual and you've got gold. Robnoxious' new book, Unsinkable: How to build Plywood Pontoons & Longtail Motor Boats Out of Scrap, is both the story of his trip down the Missouri River on a homemade boat and how to do so yourself! Here the author of Shut Up and Love the Rain, Awesome Future, and The Strange Voyage of the Leona Joyce brings a little slice of Huck Finn to 2012 as he and friends take to the Big Muddy in their unsinkable, ever-ready craft The Snowball. Watch as Rob and Co. encounter wild rednecks and Lord of the Flies-esque river islands, sublime sunsets and deathly storms. It's an exciting rollercoaster of a ride but Rob's front-of-book schematics make it seem totally possible for the lay person. Rob's adventure story/DIY guide combo-punch brings a lot to the table and you'll be carting this tome around 'til it and you are waterlogged and sun-baked!






    "it will set off the sparks of creativity, and you may very well find yourself plotting your own river voyage when you’ve finished this book."

    Kris Arnold, Verbicide Magazine


    "Now I knew punks lived on the streets and I knew punks lived out in the sticks. I knew punks hopped trains and criss-crossed the country like the hobos of yore, but it never, ever occurred to me that there were punks on America’s waterways. But there are and leave it to Robnoxious to provide me with an education on the subject. "

    -Chris Auman, Reglar Wiglar


    "There’s something primordial we can all be drawn to about 'the camaraderie of having put oneself into an irrevocable situation of unknown peril.' This is a unique offering that I won’t soon forget. Grade A."

    -Justing, Poopsheet Foundation