A book cover with an illustration of several different people on different kinds of bikes, riding around town

Everyday Bicycling: Ride a Bike for Transportation (Whatever Your Lifestyle)

by Elly Blue Author

Everyday Bicycling is your guide to everything you need to know to get started riding a bicycle for transportation. Elly Blue introduces you to the basics, including street smarts, bike shopping, dressing professionally, carrying everything from groceries to furniture, riding with children, and riding in all weather. With its positive, practical approach, this book is perfect for anyone who has ever dreamed of getting around by bike.

The new 2015 edition is revised and updated! Including new sections on bikeshare, pets, and carrying other adults with you on your bicycle.

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Comments & Reviews


"The author is obviously very knowledgable in this area and presents thoughts and ideas that will help the bicyclist to make full and proper use of the bicycle."


"Everyday Bicycling is the perfect introduction to anyone who has questions (and there are many) about how to commute by bike. It is informative and useful and answers all of the right questions while still painting bike commuting with the right brush, an uncomplicated one!"



If I had to select a “Bicycle Book of the Year,” this might be it. It’s a much-needed, easy-to-read and yet comprehensive primer about riding a bike in the city.

Bicycle Quarterly Vol. 11, No. 4 (Summer 2013)


"a brilliant little handbook on exactly what the title says"

-The Sprog


"The author of Everyday Cycling got back on a bike in early adulthood after a long hiatus, and her evolution, over the past 15 years, from sidewalk-cruising, purse-strap-in-spokes novice to seasoned urban rider inspired her to write this compact manual. Hoping to spare others her own mistakes, she demystifies cycling as a transportation option and provides practical guidance."

Colleen Barclay, Carrboro Bicycle Coalition


"The tone is friendly and approachable, with the emphasis placed on the fact that commuting should be fun, easy, and not too expensive. Newcomers to the lifestyle will find this book a great tool for overcoming early barriers and initiating conversations about bicycling."

Lauren Sagadore, Momentum Magazine


"Everyday Bicycling might not make a good kickstand, and it does not come with a bike, but is a treasure trove of information that will help anyone kick the car habit by integrating the bike into every day life in a practical way."

Koula, Bike Jax Blog


"Reading this well-researched volume is like sitting down over coffee with the author, who confides in thoughtful detail, secrets to making cycling a practical, safe, economical and fun feature of daily living."

Susi, Velo Joy


"makes even this experienced cyclist feel as if I'm being let in on valuable secrets, yet in a comfortable, informal way."

-Karen Brooks, Bicycle Times


"I've not only been glued to this book for the past week, but I've been wholeheartedly inspired by it!"

-Sally Jackson, Seashells and Snowflakes


"Everyday Bicycling is a great book for the budding cyclist with know-it-all aspirations and little time to commit. And it’s something you can grow with as a cyclist, with helpful reminders that what’s right for one is not necessarily right for all."

Daniel Penner, Grist


"Know someone who keeps talking about dusting off an old bike in the garage but dreads that moment of riding off into the street? Do you like the idea of biking more, but kinda feel like doing so everywhere all the time is pretty hard core? Elly Blue is here to tell you it isn’t."

-Laura, Detours


"Unlike any book before it, Everyday Bicycling crisply and succinctly outlines options and debunks the conjecture that bicycling for transportation is for someone else."

-Ellee, Cycling Sojourner


"someone out there loves you a lot and decided to save you years of trials and tribulations by writing this sweet little book - Everyday Bicycling - how to ride a bike for transportation (whatever your lifestyle).

It is packed full with everything you could possibly want to know about riding daily"

-Bike Bike Blog


"'Everyday Bicycling' is a succinct primer on the basics of cycling. Blue takes cycling and makes it digestible to cyclists and would-be’s in a friendly, laid-back tone. Absent of any authoritarian voice, this is the book I wish I had years ago"

-Krista Nicole Carlson, Urban Velo Magazine


" Need advice on what type of bike is best for you? The relative virtues of messenger bags, backpacks, baskets, and panniers? Family bike logistics? How to avoid succumbing to road rage? What to wear in the rain? How to pick a seat that won’t hurt your butt? It’s all in here.

Blue’s approach is down-to-earth, practical, and kind. She’s got tons of good advice, and she delivers it in plain English without getting all preachy or judgy."

-Sarah Goodyear, The Atlantic


"a super relevant and straightforward city biking handbook that I would recommend gifting to someone who's just getting started biking."

-Sarah Mirk, The Portland Mercury


"And that is just what I loved about Everyday Bicycling altogether: the passion and infectious enthusiasm that comes across from the author on the subject of cycling. [...] Everyday Bicycling is a great resource for anyone new to transportation cycling, for anyone making the move to a car-lite or car-free lifestyle with kids, and for anyone wanting to become more engaged with the bicycling community in their town and needing ideas and information on how and where to begin."

-Simply Bike Blog


"When it comes to bicycling, knowledge is power. This book gives you the knowledge you need to get around under your own steam. It's a real life guide for real people with places to go and things to do."

-Mia Birk, author, Joyride: Pedaling Toward a Healthier Planet


"Bicycling is one thing each of us can do that will have an immediate, positive impact on the environment. This book is an excellent place to start."

-Matthew Modine, actor and founder, Bicycle for a Day


"A super-smart indie writer who keenly understands bike issues and how bikes can help our cities."

-Kevin Buchanan, www.FortWorthology.com