$25 Superpack: Queer Zines

$25 Superpack: Queer Zines

by Super Pack! Author, Cristy C. Road Author, Robert Wildwood Author, Joshua Ploeg Author, Kes Otter Lieffe Author, Anja Van Geert Author, Leah Jo Carnine Author and Fizz Perkal Author

We've got queer zines for you—in this selection from our catalog, you'll learn some skills and facts, read exciting and poignant stories from the authors' lives, and more. These zines are about queerness, but also about queer people just living their lives. 

Queer Animals Coloring Zine - Learn about queer, trans, and polyamorous members of the animal kingdom in this science-y, fun, adult coloring book

Queer Attachment - Liberate yourself from the bounds of trauma, with this queer, social justice-oriented take on attachment theory and mental health

Shut Up & Love the Rain - Robert's collection of comics and stories talk about exploring his 

Greenzine #14 - Cristy vividly writes and illustrates about the strength of her communities, friendship, identity, and what it's like to be young, punk, and queer

A Chef's Tale - Joshua's rollicking adventures as a traveling chef

And a "Pride: The Opposite of Shame" sticker to remind you to hold your head up high

(If we happen to be out of any of these when you order, we'll substitute another amazing queer zine.)