2024 Slingshot Organizer (large)

2024 Slingshot Organizer (large)

by Slingshot Collective Author

The large Slingshot is a spiral-bound calendar and day planner. It includes space to write your contact information, a contact list of radical leftist groups around the globe, a menstrual calendar, and extra note pages to record all your important revolutionary ideas. It also lists popular activist and alternative cultural holidays. Plan a protest or benefit, track your meds or moods, and keep tabs on your local Food Not Bombs and Critical Mass events. Packed with art, important dates in radical history, and guides on topics like care economics, tips for dealing with the police, subversive sex, and disrupting the dominant paradigm. 

Another highlight is a guide to saying key phrases in multiple languages. As if this weren't enough, it also serves as a fund-raiser for the Berkeley radical newspaper, SLINGSHOT.

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love this book s made my life a better place


Sweet! I moved up to AK from Eugene and nabbed this one and the mini before I left, stoked to find 'em on the internet!


you are awesome! thanks for the disclaimer and the addition of all the colors!