2016 Slingshot Organizer (large) Slingshot planner

2020 Slingshot Organizer (large)

by Slingshot Collective Author

Shipping Oct 10th! Need a replacement 2019 planner instead?

The large Slingshot is a spiral-bound calendar and day planner. It includes space to write your phone numbers, a contact list of radical leftist groups around the globe, a menstrual calendar, info on police repression, and extra note pages to record all your important revolutionary ideas. It also lists popular activist and alternative cultural holidays. 

Another highlight is a guide to saying key phrases in multiple languages; phrases such as "freedom and mutual aid" and "where is the library?" As if this weren't enough, it also serves as a fund-raiser for the Berkeley radical newspaper, SLINGSHOT.

Covers are printed with black ink unless otherwise specified. Actual colors are cooler than they are represented here! Likewise, we have described the colors the best we know how. We've tried to use obvious descriptions such as "light blue," or "caution orange" instead of the Slingshot naming system which although funny, doesn't always describe the color. e.g.-"pixie puke." Choose carefully! 

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    love this book s made my life a better place


    Sweet! I moved up to AK from Eugene and nabbed this one and the mini before I left, stoked to find 'em on the internet!


    you are awesome! thanks for the disclaimer and the addition of all the colors!