small Slingshot planners

2020 Slingshot Organizer (small)

by Slingshot Collective Author

Shipping Oct 10th! Lookinig for a replacement 2019 planner?

Any activist's necessity for over 20 years, the small Slingshot organizer is a 2018 day planner that fits in your pocket. Every page has unique illustration, and important dates, birthdays, and events in radical history are marked.

More than just a calendar and date book, the Slingshot includes space to write your phone numbers, a contact list of radical leftist groups around the globe, a menstrual calendar, info on police repression, and extra note pages to record all your important revolutionary ideas. It also lists popular activist and alternative cultural holidays. As if that weren't enough, it also teaches you key phrases in multiple languages; phrases such as "freedom and mutual aid" and "where is the library?"

Have a busier life and need more space to write your important dates and schemes? Check out the larger, lay-flat, desktop Slingshot.

These colorful planners not only organize your life, they also serve as a fund-raiser for the Berkeley radical newspaper, SLINGSHOT



    This year I wasn't sure if I was going to get the pocket sized one, or the full size. The skateboard cover pretty decided it for me though.


    I actually have the 2009 and I regret not buying the 2010 one.

    BUT! I did just buy the 2011 and it is everything I could ask for in a planner <3


    This is truly a great organizer. It's fun to use because it's different every day.

    Every organizer is the same, but different; that is, there are certain elements repeated that nonetheless vary from year to year. Right at the beginning there's something that you won't see in any of the day planners you'd find at your local corporate office supply superstore: a menstrual calendar. That's right, folks. Monitor your menses at the same time you're scheduling your next monthly mountaineering meeting!