A zine with a shark taking a bite out of a small sailboat on the cover

A Chef's Tale: Strange Traveler's Tales of Food, Sex, Random Occurrences, and Other Culinary Disasters

by Joshua Ploeg Author

Joshua Ploeg is a touring post-punk vegan chef and these are his harried tales of traveling the Greyhound with sex-crazed teenagers, shaving cactus with dull knives, being drugged by his hosts, eating at shitty restaurants, cooking for "artists," bad sexual experiences, a fellow bus passenger that stole a Gatorade and delayed the whole bus, and much more. Joshua deals with the most unpredictable of circumstances in his touring--navigating new towns, acquiring groceries, unknown kitchen appliances and utensils, and unpromoted shows. 

Comments & Reviews


"Joshua is a traveling chef. An amazing one who takes the best of the the punk rock touring lifestyle and applies it to food. Secret cafes and diner parties from one end of the country to the other host him and pay for his time with donations. His stories are gritty and real, and they're delivered in the time honored zine format; cut and pasted and assembled by hand with hours spent at the copy store. This isn't so much a zine about food as much as it is about his experiences traveling from place to place (almost exclusively by transit such as greyhound) and preparing it. "