Morrissey holds (what I assume is) a vegan burrito out in front as a single tear falls from his eye

Defensive Eating With Morrissey: Vegan Recipes From The One You Left Behind

by Joshua Ploeg and Automne Zingg

Poor Morrissey. He's just so... so... hungry. And meat is murder, so that narrows his options by a lot. Until now, at least! With the arrival of the Defensive Eating with Morrissey cookbook, our dear Moz no longer needs to suffer such terrible hunger, such ruthless indecision, or the emotional impact of a major blood sugar crash at the worst possible moment. These 50+ recipes, each accompanied by a portrait of himself eating, make enough unbelievably delicious, poetic food for him to eat his fill and have plenty left over for later. Sweetness, he's even saved enough for you. 




    "...Defensive Eating with Morrissey and Comfort Eating with Nick Cave might just be the best books ever."


    "It’s been a long time since the Moz has been this entertaining."


    "The bias towards comfort eating make these dishes perfect – some may say essential! – for coping with the January blues whilst trying to uphold Veganuary, or else to invigorate your everyday vegan diet. The marvellous illustrations and witty song lyric pun recipes will also bring much needed joy to this, the bleakest of months."


    "If you’re going through a breakup right now, these vegan cookbooks inspired by Nick Cave and Morrissey are pretty much everything you need."


    "... Promises a unique, holistic, and wholesome take on vegan eating from the vantage point of a deep fan of either [Morrissey or Cave]...Should you prefer to eat meat, however, just remember that you can do so in front of these books, but they will be very, very disappointed in you."


    "Defensive Eating with Morrissey invites the reader to create strange and delightful recipes good enough to console even Moz on his saddest days."


    "...Feature[s] 50 portraits of the artists soothing themselves with delicious, comforting meals, and each recipe is written with wit and accompanied by a humorous illustration. The whole thing is also infused with lyrics… The Morrissey cookies? ‘Cool on a wire rack before eating and don’t loose faith (you know it’s gonna happen someday)’"


    "...Offer[s] a selection of vegan recipes paired with a host of drawings of the Black Crow King and the Pope of Mope chowing down on the dishes in question...Defensive Eating with Morrissey: Vegan Recipes from the One You Left Behind is more general in nature and has recipes for things like peas, burritos and mac and cheese.""


    "Defensive Eating with Morrissey invites the reader to create strange and delightful recipes good enough to console even Moz on his saddest days...Best yet, all the recipes are vegan, so everyone can enjoy these delights, even Morrissey!"


    ""Get 'em now, before the "Cease and Desist" letters are delivered. Quality, accessible recipes and lots of fun illustrations."


    "Sweetness, [at] last books that combine two passions: good music and good food."


    "To dine on these sides is such a heavenly way to dine."