Put the Fun Between Your Legs

Put the Fun Between Your Legs

by Joe Biel

Do you love bicycling so much that you want to wear it on a t-shirt? Let's celebrate fun and raciness. Please?

Women's cuts (chest): SM 28-30" ME 32-34" LG 36-38" XL 40-42" 2X 44-46" (waist is 20% smaller)

Men's cuts (chest): XS 30-32" SM 34-36" ME 38-40" LG 42-44" XL 46-48" 2X 48-50"


avatar maacecchini 11/15/2010

This shirt is also a great success down here in Brazil. I'm glad I find it ! - marco

Beth 5/22/2008

Best shirt in your line!

tony 4/9/2008

this shirt ROCKS!! it's great way to get people's attention & start thinking about riding bikes again! -- Tony

tina 9/5/2007

Do you girls happen to know what its made out of? 100% cotton? i'm deciding between small or medium

Paige Riley 5/3/2007

I am completely in love with this shirt. I have the patch on my back that I got in Madison, WI at Zinefest. It was a lot of fun. I do have something funny to go along with this though. There's a douche that lives in my town and she fucking has this sticker on the BACK OF HER CAR!? I know, right? Total contradiction. Fuck them.
Stay hot, and ride them bikes.

bh 3/6/2007

My absolute FAVORITE Microcosm shirt.

Katherine 1/20/2007

Rebecca wore this to Happy Hour with my law firm. One of the attorneys is a bike enthusiast. He offered to trade her his turtle neck for it right there, in one of the classiest bars in Seattle. Rebecca said no dice. So now I'm buying him his own version.

Rebecca 1/9/2007

It's the only cotton shirt I'm taking on my cross-country ride I'm starting in a few weeks. Check it out http://putthefunbetween....blogspot.com/ .

Natalia. 11/9/2006

I Love this one<3

rebecca 6/14/2006

This is the most creative and hilarious shirt I have ever seen...rock on!

Clarence Eckerson Jr. 6/11/2006

People really love this shirt. I've worn it three times in the past two weeks, just about everyone wants to know where I got it.

anonymous 11/11/2005

sweet shirt printed on dark grey

Devika 9/12/2005

Every time I wear this shirt somebody compliments me on it. Even people with cars!

amylin loglisci 4/26/2005

I love this shirt! I was wearing this shirt while getting arrested for participating in the new york city march'05 critical mass (www.times-up.org)... on a somewhat tangent- we had the arraignment for it today, and one of the statements that had been recorded by an arresting officer was "whose streets? our streets!"

rob 9/20/2004

The Buddhist monk at Deer Park in San Diego said to me, "I bet you get a lot of comments about that shirt." It's true. People have offered to buy it off my back, and give me another shirt to wear... -rob

Matt 3/29/2004

Right fucking on!!