Evolution T-Shirt

Evolution Racer T-shirt

by Joe Biel Author

Origin Story of the Velocipede Superhero

Where did the bicyclist come from? Only Darwin would know. And he'd probably ride up on his own bike. After all it makes much more sense and is much more sustainable than driving around in cars! By riding a bike you help keep the planet clean and you stay healthy. It's the magic bullet for health, economics, and public safety!

Women's XS 32" chest, 24" waist / SM 36" chest, 26" waist / ME 38" chest 28" waist / LG 40" chest, 31" waist / XL 42" chest, 34" waist / 2X 46" chest, 37" waist

Unisex: X-Small Chest 24 Small Chest 30 Medium Chest 36 Large Chest 40 X - Large Chest 44" XX-Large Chest 48"

Comments & Reviews


Just received this shirt and I love it! Now I get to piss off people who believe in cars and creationism at the same time!


Is that the ridiculously talented Red Derkin modeling?


i put this shirt on for the first time, this morning, and my thought was, "holy shit! this shirt's comfy!" i see i'm not alone. i also happen to love the graphic AND the message. tip top!


comment commander de France?


Everyone i come across wants this shirt...its awsome!!


I received a lot of attention and many comments on the very first day I wore this shirt. I agree that it's an extremely comfortable shirt and I also agree with Bob. I too hate most shirts with messages except this one.


I hate all t-shirts with "messages". Except this one.


Besides the cool graphic, this is the most comfortable t-shirt I own...


I just got this shirt in the mail today; it's extremely awesome. :)


Clarence is telling the truth. I asked for the link and will order this t-shirt after I call and get answers to a few questions.
-Ellen M. Beyda


I wore this out in Brooklyn for the first time since getting back from Portland. I might as well be a walking advertisement for Microcosm cause everyone I ran into took my card and emailed me looking for the link to buy one.