photo of cyclist wearing a chainring heart microcosm logo t-shirt

Chainring Heart

by Joe Biel Author and Aaron Renier Author

The image that started it all. The chainring heart is Microcosm's logo and still a fitting symbol of all we do. Celebrate your love of cycling and when they ask you what this shirt means, tell them how your bicycle makes you feel!

Because of a fluke, we also have a few shirts with the printing on the back and a small pocket on the front!


Women's XS 32" chest, 24" waist / SM 36" chest, 26" waist / ME 38" chest 28" waist / LG 40" chest, 31" waist / XL 42" chest, 34" waist / 2X 46" chest, 37" waist

Unisex: X-Small Chest 24 Small Chest 30 Medium Chest 36 Large Chest 40 X - Large Chest 44" XX-Large Chest 48"




    I just saw someone wearing this shirt at a club in Berlin. Seriously. You guys are intercontinental when you eat french toast.


    I live in New Mexico but bought this shirt in Seattle at Left Bank Books, having never heard of Mirocosm Publishing. My original take on this design was that it was a gear from a machine with a heart inside, which is how I have come to view modern society: one giant machine that must have heart in order to keep running.


    This shirt is the best!


    I love the design. I like that you guys keep switching colors. The most recent one I ordered (blue on dark brown) was an odd shape. Chopped it up and I love it to death in it's reincarnation!


    I love this shirt.


    Great shirt.. I loved the brown / blue print combo showing now, but my order came with a light blue / black print shirt. Ended up swapping it for an olive green / white print (which, actually, im wearing right now).


    "Chainring Love", maybe a pun.. like "Radar Love" by Golden Earring.


    hands down my favorite shirt, i love the design so very much.


    what is that "chainring love" song that you sing of?


    Wonderful design. The only problem is that whenever I see it I start to sing, "We got a thing that's called Chainring Love..."


    I want to cry I love this tshirt so much!!


    I love this t-shirt and my dad was going to get it for me when I learned to ride my bike.I am 10 and I learned how to ride my bike.


    I've gotten many compliments on this t-shirt. It's probably my favorite shirt too because it is so comfy. Although a lot of people ask me if it is a band...I usually say yes.