Chainring Heart

Chainring Heart

by Joe Biel, Aaron Renier and alex wrekk

The image that started it all. Celebrate your love of cycling and when they ask you what this shirt means, tell 'em how your bicycle makes you feel!

Because of a fluke, we also have a few shirts with the printing on the back and a small pocket on the front!

Fittings: X-Small Chest 24 Small Chest 30 Medium Chest 36 Large Chest 40 X - Large Chest 44 XX-Large Chest 48


JenStar 1/13/2007

I just saw someone wearing this shirt at a club in Berlin. Seriously. You guys are intercontinental when you eat french toast.

Dani 8/19/2006

I live in New Mexico but bought this shirt in Seattle at Left Bank Books, having never heard of Mirocosm Publishing. My original take on this design was that it was a gear from a machine with a heart inside, which is how I have come to view modern society: one giant machine that must have heart in order to keep running.

Jay 9/22/2005

This shirt is the best!

Kori 9/2/2005

I love the design. I like that you guys keep switching colors. The most recent one I ordered (blue on dark brown) was an odd shape. Chopped it up and I love it to death in it's reincarnation!

Caitlin 8/7/2005

I love this shirt.

andy 7/13/2005

Great shirt.. I loved the brown / blue print combo showing now, but my order came with a light blue / black print shirt. Ended up swapping it for an olive green / white print (which, actually, im wearing right now).

Marty 6/14/2005

"Chainring Love", maybe a pun.. like "Radar Love" by Golden Earring.

ben 1/2/2005

hands down my favorite shirt, i love the design so very much.

alex 12/28/2004

what is that "chainring love" song that you sing of?

JG 12/5/2004

Wonderful design. The only problem is that whenever I see it I start to sing, "We got a thing that's called Chainring Love..."

Kitten Calfee 11/11/2004

I want to cry I love this tshirt so much!!

TeSsA 11/7/2004

I love this t-shirt and my dad was going to get it for me when I learned to ride my bike.I am 10 and I learned how to ride my bike.

Jane 4/13/2004

I've gotten many compliments on this t-shirt. It's probably my favorite shirt too because it is so comfy. Although a lot of people ask me if it is a band...I usually say yes.