Drawing of a hand dipping a french fry into ketchup that is on the bare chest of Nick Cave

Comfort Eating With Nick Cave: Vegan Recipes To Get Deep Inside of You

by with Joshua Ploeg and Automne Zingg Illustrator

Poor Nick Cave. Life is hard for him and there are many hurdles to deal with every day. And like all of us, Nick is human. In these pages, Mr. Cave finds healthy ways to feed his sorrows, with gusto, whether he's eating a giant bowl of mashed potatoes, a tofu dog, peanut butter from the jar, spicy potato chips, or licking the frosting bowl. "Get inside of me," he passionately tells a slice of pizza. And when you are ready to enter his psyche, there's Nick's favorite Rice Krispies Treats recipe to get inside of you, including, of course, "twelve tears for flavor." No matter what he's chowing down on, it's comforting to witness Nick and his comforts. 

We all know someone who needs the comforts of Nick Cave as much as they need Comfort Eating with Nick Cave. So the next time they are sobbing to Dumb and Dumber or Scream 2 with a container of chocolate chip cookie dough soy ice cream in their lap, hand them a copy of this cookbook and we'll all shed a tear together.


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Comments & Reviews


"Dedicated to anyone nursing a broken heart, a beer and a burrito, this cookbook is full of delicious vegan recipes from Joshua Ploeg, all of which are paired with a one-of-a-kind illustration of the thrill himself, Nick Cave, from illustrator Automne Zingg."



"...Defensive Eating with Morrissey and Comfort Eating with Nick Cave might just be the best books ever."



"I look forward to trying out all the recipes in Comfort Eating with Nick Cave. It’s obvious what the soundtrack to all this cooking will be."



"...both funny and educational; a quick read that comes in handy whenever you’re alone, in a bathtub, of your own tears. Or, you know, hungry and listening to Nick Cave."



"The bias towards comfort eating make these dishes perfect – some may say essential! – for coping with the January blues whilst trying to uphold Veganuary, or else to invigorate your everyday vegan diet. The marvellous illustrations and witty song lyric pun recipes will also bring much needed joy to this, the bleakest of months."



"features 50 portraits of the artist soothing himself with delicious, comforting meals, from mac and cheez to mushy peas."


"Human beings are great at doing two things when we're sad: wallowing in music and overindulging in food...Awesome and awesome and awesome" —Dangerous Minds


"If you’re going through a breakup right now, these vegan cookbooks inspired by Nick Cave and Morrissey are pretty much everything you need."



"...Promises a unique, holistic, and wholesome take on vegan eating from the vantage point of a deep fan of either [Morrissey or Cave]...Should you prefer to eat meat, however, just remember that you can do so in front of these books, but they will be very, very disappointed in you."



"Comfort Eating with Nick Cave shows the great master of emotional expression stuffing himself with comfort classics while shedding the occasional solitary tear."



"Music and food, two of the most reliable things when nobody loves you and your world is falling apart, this is why you need to get these recipes while listening to ‘Meat is Murder’ and ‘Abattoir Blues’."



"...Offer[s] a selection of vegan recipes paired with a host of drawings of the Black Crow King and the Pope of Mope chowing down on the dishes in question...Comfort Eating with Nick Cave: Vegan Recipes to Get Deep Inside You focuses on carb-heavy comfort foods like pizza, cinnamon rolls and French fries."



"Comfort Eating with Nick Cave shows the great master of emotional expression stuffing himself with comfort classics while shedding the occasional solitary tear...Best yet, all the recipes are vegan, so everyone can enjoy these delights, even Morrissey!"



"Get 'em now, before the "Cease and Desist" letters are delivered. Quality, accessible recipes and lots of fun illustrations."


"Sweetness, [at] last books that combine two passions: good music and good food."


"Whatever the cross-section of vegans and Nick Cave fans is, this cookbook is bound to be a smash hit with them! It may seem stranger than kindness but who wouldn’t want to travel from her to eternity with recipes for food better than what they serve in O’Malley’s Bar?"



"If you've got the abattoir blues, this cookzine will let love in."