Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever book cover by Tom Neely and Igloo Tornado and Microcosm Publishing

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever

by Rob Halford and Tom Neely

Two men.
Two myths.
One Legend.


The greatest love story every told has finally been released in graphic novel form. This epic tome features twenty short stories about the domestic life of "Henry" and "Glenn" and sometimes their neighbors "Daryl" and "John." Digging beneath Glenn's bricks in the front yard, Henry uncovers Glenn's mother. Freshly unearthed, she moves in with him and Henry. Glenn's issues come to the surface as she critiques his art, replaces his wardrobe, scrubs their dungeon, and recalls his childhood. Later, Glenn tries to sell his signature to a UPS driver, takes a punch, and has some daydreaming adventures with a plunger. Henry, "a loud guy with a good work ethic," shows his darker side and indifference to a fan as he drinks black coffee and bonds with Glenn over their distaste for their own bands. These are two men who truly suffer best alone together. 

Among other hijinks, Henry and Glenn go to therapy together, battle an evil cult in the forest, and profess their love for each other, all while dealing with jealousy and other normal relationship problems and trying to figure out if their soft-rocking neighbors are actually Dungeons and Dragons playing Satanists. The saga of Henry and Glenn is a true testament to the power of love to overcome even the biggest, manliest egos of our time. 

The book collects four serialized comics, adds 100 never-before published pages, including new stories, pin up art, and full color covers from the original series.



thu 4/14 9:17am

"For me personally, knowing how much Danzig hates this series and how little it phases Henry Rollins, makes me not only like the series more, but also encourages how strangely accurate both are depicted."





"One of my favorite uses of satire...If I were to find [this] anything less than hilarious, then I am in the wrong business."

Henry Rollins - LA Weekly


I wouldn’t be the neighbor, but I’d be in the Satanic cult!


"It’s funny, endearing, touching (and slightly touched), rammed full of obvious and more subtle references to the counter culture and alternative music scenes that made up the last three decades of the twentieth century and has been written, illustrated, compiled and created with a sense of genuine warmth and mischievous affection for the main characters."

Tim - Mass Movement


"a little cult-beloved slice of domestic bliss/angst"

Chris Martins - SPIN Magazine


There should absolutely be more of this. Why isn’t anyone making me a comic that imagines the day to day exploits of Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye and Kim? Is there any logical reason why Nicolas Cage, the most meme-prone human being on earth, is not having his every fictional move chronicled in a daily web strip? The man owns two castles and Action Comics #1. What I am saying is it practically writes itself.


"an imaginary love affair between Danzig and fellow muscle-bound punk rock legend Henry Rollins [which] got a lot of attention. When Danzig was asked about it by Decibel magazine, he flipped out, refused to see it, and ended up having the transcript worked into a hilarious post-script by the cartoonists."


"A narrative serial packed with kitty litter jokes, Black Flag puns, references to Glenn's overly doting "Mother," dungeon-crawling adventures, and trips to the therapist. The tender care Neely and a rotating cast of guest authors bring to the stories makes Forever and Ever so much more than a one-note gag — Glenn's tantrums are risible; Henry's patience is divine — and there are inside jokes galore for fans of heavy music."


"This may be my favorite series in all of comics right now"

Rob Clough - High-Low / Comics Journal