cut out pics of influential women in punk

Punk Women: 40 Years of Musicians Who Built Punk Rock, in Their Own Words

by David A. Ensminger Editor

Interviews and photos with canonical rockers

In this exhaustive anthologyDavid Ensminger delves underground to explore the oft overlooked community of badass women who shaped the punk scene. There is a common thread of women being excluded and gatekept from the hardcore music scene but this anthology challenges that notion and shows that women have still been able to overcome, kick ass, and shred alongside the best of them. Biographies, interviews, band anecdotes, and never-before-published photos showcase the talent and artistry of bands like Bikini Kill, The Glittersluts, Bratmobile, Spitboy, the Germs, The Slits, and dozens more. Through its intimate aesthetic analysis and raw zine-like presentation, this is an essential resource for anyone looking to discover, rediscover, and cherish punk history. 


    (*original* Punk Women opens with a play on a Generation X song, reading, "Distort Me Deadly" and then runs with it, rifling through the ongoing (and recently past) history of women in punk rock. Ensminger lays it all out, cramming the pages with concert posters, band biographies, and the captivating stories of these badass, punk musicians.)