henry and glenn forever and ever copies

$30 Superpack: Henry & Glenn in Love

by Tom Neely Author, Super Pack! Author and Igloo Tornado Author

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever #3 $1 Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever #4 $1 Henry & Glenn Adult Activity $25

Get your fix of the greatest love story ever told! This superpack includes the original Henry & Glenn Forever book and one copy of each of the four Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever floppy comics—while alternate covers are in print, we'll include one of those and one of the standard cover. When the alternate cover is out of print, we'll send only the standard cover. Also includes a Henry & Glenn Coloring Book

Update! All the contents of these 5 books + new stuff are now collected in the hardcover Henry & Glenn Forever Completely Ridiculous Edition (with the Tom of Finland cover that was so popular that the floppy with it sold out forever and ever).