Unfuck Your Work: Makin' Paper Without Losing Your Mind or Selling Your Soul

Unfuck Your Work: Makin' Paper Without Losing Your Mind or Selling Your Soul

by Dr. Faith G. Harper Author

Are you freaking out about work? Horrified at the idea of getting to your workplace? Have a boss that makes you want to burn the world down? 

Microcosm Publishing bestseller Dr. Faith is here to the rescue in this quick-read zine dedicated to helping you get through those bad days when you're watching the seconds tick past until you can bolt home. Some of it may seem obvious at first, but how many times do you actually sit down and think about these things, or talk them through with others? If you're two steps from flipping your desk over and screaming, now might be the time to sit back, assess your priorities, and figure out how to survive the work you have while looking for the work you want.

If you're in a work-related stress/emotional over-load, check out the detailed tips on things like not taking things personally from people that don't matter, owning your mistakes, giving praise whenever due (even to your self), getting what you need by knowing what it is, remembering who it is you're really supporting, and making escape plans to get you through!

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If any of the above describes your current situation, or you have a friend who is constantly complaining about their job, pick up this zine - it could be the best $4 you've ever spent.