$25 Superpack: Autistic Lives Matter

$25 Superpack: Autistic Lives Matter

by Super Pack! Author, Joe Biel Author, Dr. Faith G. Harper Author and Temple Grandin, Ph.D Author

There's a lot of writing about autism out there... and not nearly enough of it is written by and for autistic adults from a perspective of acceptance and pride. We're working to change that. The world can really isolate autistic adults and connecting with others is so important, whether it's in person or on the page. Get a healthy dose of information, personal stories, and community within the pages of this book and zines, including:

  • The Autism FAQ - A series of questions and answers by an autistic person and a therapist, going deep about what it's like to be autistic, what special needs and co-occurring conditions (like trauma) might exist, and some powerful advice about life skills and social skills. This is written for autistic adults, but would be helpful for friends, family, and partners to read as well.
  • The Autism Relationships Handbook - A more in-depth guide to dating, friendship, and relationships for autists
  • Good Trouble - Microcosm founder Joe Biel was diagnosed with autism as an adult, and this book chronicles the many mistakes, misadventures, and successes he found along the way
  • Two issues of Neurodivergent Pride - An ongoing zine series by people with different types of neurodiversity, including autism, writing about their experiences and perspectives

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