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$20 Superpack: Deconstruct Gender

by Annie Danger Author, Alix Kemp Author, Super Pack! Author, Helen Wildfell Author and Robert Wildwood Author

Gender, what's it all about anyway? What does it mean, why do people get so worked up about it, and what can we all do about being stuck with a bunch of gender norms that might not apply to us very well? Here's a stack of reading that'll take you from theory to reality. 

First, two books: Consensuality is all about questioning the unhealthy power dynamics society imposes on relationships—it turns out this is all about gender expectations, and Helen Wildfell helps to break that down. And Alive with Vigor covers a wide range of health issues, many of particular relevance to youth, queer, and trans* people.  

Shut Up and Love the Rain is Robnoxious's comix zine that's a lot about growing up different and has a powerful section about a parent's gender transition. We'll also send you one in-print issue of Rob's Girl/Boy zine exploring all sorts of everything about gender roles (we'll choose which issue, but if you prefer one let us know in the order notes), an issue of Gendrfailz, containing stories of a transguy's journey (again, we'll choose but let us know!). And finally, a copy of the super useful, gender-norm-breaking DIY sex toys zine Go Fuck Yourself.