Patch #148: Dykes Feel No Guilt!

Patch #148Dykes Feel No Guilt!

by Cristy Road

Don't be LGBTeasin' each other out there! If you're into it, go for it. (but ask first).


Alissa 4/12/2008

why pick apart a patch? let it be what you think it is, girl girl, boy boy, boy girl.. its all beautiful, maybe there drunk or maybe a sugar buzz? eh?

kate! 4/5/2008

np, It's actually two girls making out. Hence the title "Dykes Feel No Shame!" Totally badass!

billy 1/23/2008

what makes you assume it's a beer bottle? and even if it is, should people feel guilt in that particular desire(the desire to alter consciousness or somesuch hippy bullshit), but not others? and from what i can see, there is no way to confirm the biological gender of either of these people. they could both be male or female or neither...stop projecting your own insecurities and prejudices onto other people's art

np 1/7/2008

why does she have a beer bottle in her hand? doesn't that contradict the message of this patch... and for that matter, why does only the female one involve alcohol, but not the male one?

scuffy 12/26/2007

I am pretty disappointed with this one. They look way too much like drunk girls making out in front of people than two women who are actually into each other.
The one with the two men is much sweeter and seems more real.

Trouble 10/21/2007

I love this image so much. I got a boys one for my partner and was sad that there was not one with ladies for me.. and now there is!!!!! <3 <3

Sophia 5/24/2007

i used this image as a flyer for my wedding party. thanks Christy Roads

Sophia of Skylght 4/24/2007

I want one hundred million times one thousand and two.