canvas patch showing an anatomical heart

Patch #141Anatomical Heart

by Red Rocket

This is what that beatin' muscle looks like inside your chest. It's the size of your fist but much stronger. Let's all put it to good use out there.


Mic 9/29/2008

If you cut the heart out do you think it would fit on a shirt pocket?

Ang 8/30/2008

This should be a long sleeve shirt...printed on the sleeve somewhere.

emma 8/12/2008

i was looking for the perfect anatomical heart to get tattooed behind my left ear (cheesy i know, i'm getting a brain behind my right...but it means something) and this one is fucking perfect.

Tim Willis 5/29/2008

put this on one of my buttonup workshirts, people are always asking me why and I answer, why not?

medusa 4/26/2007

this is beautiful. right now all i have been painting and drawing is anatomical and graphic human hearts. i'll be ordering it very soon.