patch with image of wrench and two gears

Patch #044Wrench in the Gears

"If it ain't broke don't fix it" hasn't met the punk bike rider movement, until now. Let’s throw a ranch in and get a little crazy! 'Nuf said. 

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Sabotage was part of radical unions methodology during the labor movement (i.e. IWW)... Wrenches in gears to stop the machines that made them wage slaves. You guys should use the black cat logo, too (sabby-tabby or whatever it was called back then).


I'm pretty sure it means a wrench in the gears such as the title states. Basically the last 2 comments were correct


couldn't the gears represent the "machine"? and the wrench, those who oppose it? yes, yes they are. or at least that's the way i interpret this image. it's now on my forearm. have mercy.
monkey wrench? nah..besides, it's an open-ended wrench.


I think that the meaning of this patch is more along the lines of disturbing the status quo. Why submit to the hum- drum of continuity? Make a difference!


What about the poor sap that has to rebuild that machine? I recently just quit my job. fuck 2:45 to 11:15 work nights!


I dont think its only reffering to monkey wrenching, Just my first impression, I was thinking more along the lines of slowing the rate of work if not totally abolishing it.Stop the 40 hour work week mutha fuckers!! Fuck 9 to 5 work days!! Fuck conventional work all together!!


It's beautiful. I am yet to go on my first monkey-wrenching but I'm looking forward to it