Patch #019: Person Smashing TV

Patch #019Person Smashing TV

Don't let the screen suck you in, smash it before it destroys you!


skizzle-wizzle 4/10/2006

I carved this into a pumpkin last halloween.

this is one of my favorite designs.

q 5/1/2005

Blame is pointless. We just need to encourage and support each other to spend less time passively wasting our lives away and more effort at organising for a better world!

guilty like you 4/27/2005

Who's to blame for all the time wasted in front of the computer terminal?

Anarcho Petoris 4/12/2005

Way to go. There are so many more things you could be doing instead of tv that actually mean something. The government just uses it to keep you on the couch instead of organizing to raise the standard of living so the people feel good and dont need to buy their crap anymore.