patch with image of dumpster with a heart on it

Patch #043Dumpster Love

Dumpster Diving is the practice of sifting through trash to find usable items that have been discarded for being unusable by their owners, such as food, furniture, clothes, and metals. In practice, dumpster “diving” is more like fishing since most dumpsters can be accessed from outside without crawling in. Some resort to dumpster-diving out of economic necessity, while others practice it for reasons like the thrill of the hunt, creative intent (looking for things to use in ways other than originally intended), and artists looking for materials. There are several ethical arguments justify dumpster-diving. By focusing on reusing resources it decreases the deplorable waste due to practices of many supermarkets, bakeries, and shops -- wastage that is caused by efficiencies and inefficiencies created by Just In Time manufacturing, legal concerns, or other reasons. For these and other reasons, massive levels of waste increase the ecological global footprint of society, while many people in that same society cannot afford necessities. Offices, factories, department stores, and other commercial establishments also sometimes throw out nonperishable items that are irregular, were returned, have minor damages, or are replaced by newer items.



an absolutely wonderful creation.


Who doesn't love dumpster diving? love this patch.


oooo! my life basically!


Mi casa es su casa


I started dumpster diving at the age of 9 and I love this patch.One woman's trash is another's treasure,I always say. :D


I absolutely love this patch! I have it sewn on my purse, and i take it with my every where i go. Even whem I'm dumpster diving! What a great design!


I think I am in love....


so pretty!