Patch #113: Dumpster Make Out Party

Patch #113Dumpster Make Out Party

by Cristy Road

Once considered a marginal lifestyle activity, making out in dumpsters has now become known to be the world's #1 cause of finding free, pleasurable, and desirable things


avatar smithvegaspunk 2/1/2010

I think this image is in the freegan zine, which is awesome in itself. Love it :]

avatar RaggedyJen 9/27/2009

That's so sweet.

avatar eyeheart48 8/22/2009

kick ass patch, awesome idea, totally sport this on my bag.

shawt 11/12/2008

I have a friend who lost his virginity in dumpster

brycerose 5/19/2007

this is my favorite picture, whenever im down i look at it a bit and then go ride my bike and i feel better about some things...

Brittany 4/23/2007

:D my boyfriend made me a HUGE wall textile poster (about 7.5'x5') of this patch :D i have always loved this patch and me and my boyfriend are dumpster divers to the core! :D

Monique 8/3/2006

Hoby Scabies, that was, indeed very nice. :) Haha. Agreed. This patch is amazing.

Krystal 11/15/2005

I abosolutely love this

beck_me! 5/22/2005

Holy Scabies, that was beautiful

redscare. 4/21/2005

When I showed this picture to my girlfriend she freaked out because her goal was to lose her virginity in a dumpster, sadly it didn't happen like that.

Hoby Scabies 4/17/2005

At any time, at any point, any place in this world, when love is displayed by two human beings (whatever the genders), it is a beautiful thing, and all the world should stop their busy fucking lives and know, that somewhere in this world there are two people embracing in a moment that will last forever in their minds.
That's what I think of every time I see this picture. Every time I see it, i can't wait until it's my fucking turn.

a human 4/9/2005

Make the shirts yourselves!

anonymous 4/6/2005

I second that notion, T shirts would be turbo cool.

kerri 3/31/2005

t-shirt?! please!
Very cute

c road 2/25/2005

I'm really happy people have a lens for androgyny.

Pepe Crash 2/24/2005

I think I saw this image in a Slug & Lettuce or some other zine, still it looks cool though that wouldn't be my dream date..

entropy 2/18/2005

they're straight? i always thought that both ppl wer pretty dern gender-ambiguous. but maybe that's just my lens. but i love that lens!!!!

cristy road 2/1/2005

For the record- I drew this for a specific hetero-normative project in 2001. big gay make out coming soon. but maybe not in a dumpster.

miranda 1/18/2005

i think there needs to be some homo dumpster love represented too!!!!

dublin 1/18/2005

lovely image. reminds me of this bike is a pipebomb

bat 1/9/2005

this makes me so happy and mushy

IHC 1/9/2005

looks like we've got the enlightened youth of today rep'sentin'.^^

L.G. 1/7/2005


Mis.Perfection 1/7/2005

This is only slightly disturbing...