slightly damaged t-shirts

$25 Superpack: Four Imperfect Shirts

by Joe Biel Contributor, Ian Lynam Contributor and Cristy C. Road Contributor

Here's to the t-shirts all across the world that have had a rough life and are still deeply loved by their wearers.

Often times we received shirts that have light lines of ink, discoloration in the fabric, inconsistent dye jobs, faded fabric lines from exposure to the sun, or a smudged print. Let's face it, most shirts will look worse than this after a year of wear anyway. Or sometimes there's nothing wrong with the shirt, but we've had 40 of one size sitting in our warehouse for who even knows how long. Time to go!

So try your luck! We've made them as cheap as we possibly can! 

You may receive duplicates. Want to choose your own slightly damaged shirt? Go here.

(Sorry, these shirts are nonreturnable, even if you purchase the wrong size.)