Discounted (Slightly Damaged) T-shirts

Discounted (Slightly Damaged) T-shirts

by Various Author

Here's to the t-shirts all across the world that have had a rough life and are still deeply loved by their wearers!

Some of these shirts are stained, some have inconsistent dye jobs, some are just old and we want to get rid of them. Most of them just need a run through the washing machine.

So try your luck! We've made them as cheap as we possibly can!

Who doesn't love the worn-in look anyway?

Here's some of the shirt styles included:

-My Bike Takes Me Places That School Never Could (dark grey)

-Evolution (dark grey)

-Put The Fun Between Your Legs (dark grey and pink)


-Chainring Heart (brown)

-Take The Lane (orange)

-Evolution Gal (blue)

-One Less Car (green)

-Typewriter (Revolution Between the Lines)

-You Can't Hug with Nuclear Arms


Want us to choose four of these for you for $25? Go here!

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