My Bike Takes Me Places That School Never Could T-Shirt

My Bike Takes Me Places That School Never Could T-Shirt

Some of these shirts are damaged! They have some sun-spots. :/

SO! We're discounting them! So, just select the (discounted) option to get the dealzzz. :)


avatar Marxengelz 6/10/2013

my bikes must hate me, since i have neglected them for so many months, but this shirt is absolutely adorable, and yes, my bike freed me more than any classroom, (though i did love school for it's easy access library at lunch time every day. it was better than the library i had to walk to from home. you don't get stared at for having blue hair in an art school!) :) WANT IT!

Vegan Brian 11/24/2008

That girl is adorable!

Kevinnn 2/4/2008

The girl in the picture is adorable!=D

alex (cashburner) 12/13/2006

hopefuly santa hates school and cars...after all he runs off the mostr powerfull energy source in the spirit lol anyways hopefully someone will be asmart enough to grab me one of these for the holidays

beth 11/3/2006

sweet! I want this, it's adorable

Sam! 7/22/2006

I'll wear it at school I think. :)

Bo 4/5/2006

Wow. I'm buying these for me and my two buddies, all high school dropout bicycle nuts.

Katie Mutated 12/25/2005

This shirt is adorable. I love it.

anonymous 11/1/2005

Sweet shirt.

dylan 9/7/2005

Best shirt ever

snucks 7/5/2005

Through thorough research I discovered the sign she is holding says "go!" i like this shirt.

carrie and steven 6/23/2005

What's she holding? We're interested here at Boxcar Books in Bloomington.

anonymous 5/17/2005

I love my shirt like this, it's so soft. Usually people like to read it - I make sure they see the bottom text too.

anonymous 2/25/2005

thank you!

david b 2/25/2005

how would a small fit?


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