One Less Car T-shirt

One Less Car T-shirt

by Matte Resist

Unfortunately, these shirts have some "sun spots" on them so we're discounting them to $12.
Just the deal you've been waiting for. :)

This shirt has been discontinued! Once they're gone, they're gone! Light green shirts with black ink.Fittings: X-Small Chest 24 Small Chest 30 Medium Chest 36 Large Chest 40 X - Large Chest 44 XX - Large Chest 48


avatar avocadosrock 10/11/2009

i love this t shirt. i love the colour and the design and wear nearly every day except when i take mum's car dumpster diving because that's a little ironic, ha ha. but thanks, it's great!

Brent Cox 1/22/2009

I'm amazed by how perfectly this shirt fits! Beautiful design. My new favorite shirt. <3

beckybauer 10/14/2008

i love it! the image should definately be on the back and the words should be bigger! i've been looking for this! can you do it? i'll check back....

kid 5/26/2008

is that a tattoo of the same image? awesome!

rachael 2/12/2007

microcosm- you people never cease to amaze me. i bought this shirt for my boyfriend as a valentines day gift- the shipping was so fast, and the size is perfect. you guys are rad

Megan Mobilize 11/24/2006

Gizem, you could always wear it backwards! :]

Gizem 8/4/2006

I think the logo should be on the back. That's what the drivers see in traffic!

anonymous 2/18/2006

Somebody make a t-shirt of the 'I like to run over children and kill Iraqis' hummer statement bumper sticker!

carrie 2/24/2005

I love this image so much, and it's all over your site. who's responsible for making it? it just makes me so happy...carrie


This image was designed by Matte Resist, of Resist Zine notoriety.