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Typewriter (Revolution Between the Lines) T-shirt

by Cristy Road Author

"Revolution Between the Lines" reads the script produced by this most radical of typewriters, in an iconic drawing by Cristy C. Road.

These shirts have some "sun spots" so we're discounting them. But they are still super awesome. So grab one before they are all gone. :)

Women's-SM Chest 24

SM Chest 30

ME Chest 36

LG Chest 40

XL Chest 44

2X Chest 48

Comments & Reviews


has this shirt desing changed??

my typewriter is all brown. and i like it with the white.


this shirt reminds me of when I used to go to coffee shops and write on my late 60's singer typewriter, ha, people would get so pissed at me because it was loud.... go figure... great shirt btw


I just wanted to let Cristy and you Microcosm folks know that you've made it to Hollywood. I just got done watching the special features for the movie Stranger Than Fiction and saw that the director of said movie (Marc Forster who also brought us Monster's Ball and Finding Neverland and Stay) was wearing this very T-Shirt during the filming of the movie. You can see it 3 minutes and 25 seconds into the special feature entitled, "Building The Team." ...That's it...Might not seem noteworthy to you, but seeing that shirt made me feel as though I was seeing one of my best friends in a movie. Call it pride if you like. I love every single one of you folks, thanks for helping to make my bad days bearable.


I plan on buying this shirt, 31 of them, and wearing it, and no other, for the rest of my life...So, don't stop making them 'cause that would put an end to my plan.


Beautiful design & conversation starter


This is an amazing shirt! I love it and so do my friends!


I came across this t-shirt searching for something else and I'm glad I did! Major props...I love it. Browsed the manifesto and homepage too. Keep up the good work!

~M~ in Chicago.


yessssss. loveeeeee it. :)))))


Hold your horses, folks! We'll get in more of the missing sized shirts. It just takes a little while to restock missing sizes, as we have to wait for enough stuff to fill a reorder.


are there going to be getting any more smalls or mediums?


A fantastic shirt! I love it!


i love this shirt


This design is done by Cristy Road, who is a bad-ass artist and you can see more of her stuff at http://www.croadcore.org So amazing!


will you be getting other sizes soon? I need a small or a women's shirt. I like all your shirts! - Yes! We should be getting them any day now!


This is a really cool shirt. It has an image on it but so much meanings to know about!! Ya know? OK, well good job and soon I will be wearing one. hehe. Thank you for being cool. Bye!