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$20 Superpack: Heartache, Hope & Rage

by Natalye Childress Author, Cindy Crabb Author, Cristy C. Road Author, Keith Rosson Author and Super Pack! Author

Some days, everything is so intense you need a homeopathic remedy just to get by much less to rise above. We present this to you in book form: these outpourings of full-speed-ahead heartache, hunger, hurt, and hope make it okay to be angry even as they help you pull yourself through it.

Aftermath of Forever is Natalye's heroic chapter-by-chapter accounts of one ill-fated relationship after another. Best read while listening to the mixtapes she made for each of her dates.

Things That Help compiles zines about the hardest parts of coming of age, getting broken and building yourself back up, figuring things out and losing it all again.

Best of Intentions is a collection of rough-living, freewheeling zines about being young, finding your way, and feeling it all super hard.

Last but not least, Cristy Road's art brings your passion and disgust to life in the Distance Makes the Heart Grow Sick book of postcards that are all so spot on you'll never want to send them.