Action Professor Know It All's Guide to Film and Video by Bill Brown

Action!: Professor Know It All's Guide to Film and Video

by Bill Brown

Have you ever wanted to make your own movies? In this easy-to-read and lavishly illustrated volume, you will learn why movies move; how film and video cameras work; how to light and expose your shots to get the best results; how to create eye-pleasing compositions; and how to record crystal clear sounds. It's a do-it-yourself guidebook for film and video makers of all ages and experience levels.


Portland Book Review 5/20/2013

"For anyone tired of taking all the wrong shots or just trying to figure things out, this is a great learner’s permit."

Jamais Jochim - The Portland Book Review

Brent Coughenour, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 10/10/2012

"Who needs film school when there's a manual simultaneously erudite and approachable, leavened with wit and charm aplenty; a wealth of practical knowledge presented in a concise manner without unnecessary academic obfuscation."

-Brent Coughenour, professor of film and video, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Thomas Comerford, Art Institute of Chicago 10/10/2012

"Brown brings the ease and warmth of his movie narration and Dream Whip writings and drawings to the nuts and bolts of working with movie film [...] Bill acts as your generous guide and fellow traveler, keeping things straight forward and practical."

-Thomas Comerford, professor of film, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Sabine Gruffat, Univerity of North Carolina-Chapel Hill 10/10/2012

"No one else makes aspect ratios and depth of field more fun to learn. [...] Many of my students read it cover-to-cover even when I only assign one chapter!"

-Sabine Gruffat, professor, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill