Photo of a person pulling a couch on a bicycle

$20 Superpack: Couch Traveler

by Alexander Barrett Author, Bill Brown Author, Aaron Dactyl Author and Super Pack! Author

Got the urge to see the world but no time or money just now? We feel you! Satisfy and stoke your travel urge from the comfort of your couch after a long day at work with these four books detailing different sorts of sojourns in far-flung parts of the US and the world. Let your mind roam free as you read about spray painting your tag in rail yards in the Pacific Northwest in Railroad Semantics, joining in daytime dance parties on the waterfront in This is Shanghai, traveling the country talking to strangers in Dream Whip, and unicycling between microbreweries in This is Portland. Before you know it you'll be planning your own next adventure and your couch will feel twice as worldly.