An illustration of Ben Snakepit holding his lower back with a cane raised to the sky as he yells at someone (probably some meddlin' kids) in his front yard

Snake Pit Gets Old: Daily Diary Comics 2010-2012

by Ben Snakepit Author

Ben Snakepit returns with an all-new book of daily diary comics, continuing to draw years of his life day by day in three-panel comic format. No matter how mundane the events of each day appear at the time, and without being able to know what the future will hold from one panel to the next, a narrative always begins to emerge in Ben's life as characters re-appear and interact with him at 'Some Shitty Job,' at the local taqueria, out socializing, or at home. As the title implies, Ben transitions from the pants-pooping idiocy of youth to the dark, sobering responsibilities of adulthood. Read along in amazement as he quits his bands, gets a real job, has a kidney stone removed and much much more. A truly existential text that can be (uh, 18+) fun for the whole family!

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Comments & Reviews


"Each three-panel strip in this collection covers the events of the day, and is accompanied by one of Snakepit's favorite bands and a track he likes by them. The drawings are simple—both funny and sweet—filled with Snakepit's humor, and his quirky visual interpretations of the events of his day-to day life. His willingness to confront the mundane and his diligence in keeping a daily journal are admirable, especially in an age when people's attention spans are short, and most ignore the unremarkable aspects of life."


"I enjoyed reading this compilation of daily strips and I liked seeing what song he listened to on a given day. Don’t always agree with his opinion of movies and he’s dead wrong about Hunter S. Thompson, but he's right about Hose Got Cable."


"It is exactly what the cover says: a daily diary...there are some gems in there. Each day's comic also mentions what the artist is listening to, so you might discover some new music along the way."


“Everyone from Metallica to Dr Hook to the Cramps to The Queers and literally hundreds of others…all put together it’s a cool little (well, not little…nearly 300 pages) document and a testament to his hard work and dedication (the band Testament is included too).”