A blue book with an illustration of the back of a cyclist and dog riding/running down the road

Dream Whip #15: The Pedal-Powered Movie Tour

by Bill Brown Author

“I've always ridden junker bikes in junky clothes, so these skintight bike shorts are a line I'm reluctant to cross. I try them on. It's a weird feeling: part bondage gear, part adult diaper. I feel stupid and just a tiny bit sexy...”

Follow Bill and his friends as they pedal over hill and dale on a bike ride across the United States in this fifteenth issue of his long-running Dream Whip series. It's 2000 miles of meth heads and road rage; rail trails; Mississippi River murder; psychic waitresses; anarchists; haunted Unitarian churches; soybeans from Satan; farm dogs with bad attitudes; and coconut cream pie.

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Comments & Reviews


"forgotten towns, ankle biting dogs, politics, and complicated relationships. Bill Brown is one of America’s best writers."

Randy Spaghetti - SDD Zine


"This charming pocket-sized, handwritten zine is a must-read. Dream Whip is a clever, insightful and humourous glimpse into the people and places that make up America as told by a thoughtful traveller who relishes the small joys of the adventure."

Broken Pencil


"Brown paints a picture out of road meals and route challenges. It’s calm and ambling, much like a bike tour tends to be. The pages are filled with the graceful ache of empty, forgotten roads and the poetic panic of traversing sketchy highway passes."

Krista Carlson - Urban Velo


This is AWESOME!