Cometbus #59: Post-Mortem

Cometbus #59: Post-Mortem

by Aaron Cometbus Author

What are the successes and failures of punk and its institutions? What happened to a once-thriving punk underground that paralleled the mainstream in music, publishing, comics, and art? Aaron Cometbus embarked on a year-long quest for the truth, interviewing scene makers like the people behind Epitaph Records, Fat Wreck Chords, Bound Together Books, Left Bank Books, Thrasher, Interference Archive, Fantagraphics, the Center for Cartoon Studies, C-Squat, and many other friends, luminaries, artists, and troubled souls. This is Cometbus at its finest, casting a loose net over an era and giving it meaning that would otherwise slip right past the history books and out of sight.

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Speaking as a GenX/Xennial punk that came of age during the 90s punk scene, this is the most important issue of Cometbus, to me, that I've ever read. It really does summarize so much of my own personal thinking about it all now at the age of 43.

Anyone want to start a band and label?