Aaron Cometbus 56 A Bestiary of Booksellers zine cover

Cometbus #56: A Bestiary of Booksellers

by Aaron Cometbus Author

The 56th issue of Cometbus is a loving ethnography of New York City's wild, weird, and bearded used book trade. Aaron writes about his fellow book dealers—and their tribes—with all the unflinching and generous powers of observation that he's applied to every subject. 

As he writes in chapter one, "A book sale is a competition, after all, where knowledge, physical endurance, and speed all count. But like an early eighties hardcore show, it only looks violent and chaotic from a distance. Up close, where the action is, everyone is helping each other out."

This Cometbus zine is also a love story—about books and about people. Full of wordplay, dusty houses, and animals of all species.