Bad Habits: A Love Story

Bad Habits: A Love Story

by Cristy C. Road Author

This novel by Cristy Road is mostly text, with a big helping of illustrations throughout. In the story, Carmencita moves to New York City for a self-imposed mental cleansing part of overcoming an abusive and manipulative relationship. Her rebirth is untamed and measured by shitty news, occasional breakdowns, destructive splurges, and life altering orgasms. The route to heal earnestly is always winding in a world where healing without a steady paycheck, health insurance, or mental stability can seem impossible. Wild living situations, drunks, punks, awkward mornings, complex definitions of love, complex embraces of lust, complex laws on sexual violence, and a decaying Brooklyn where every glass condo swells the cost of living for a minimum wage society. Carmencita transforms her bad habits into some rendition of living and achieving.

Published by Soft Skull

Comments & Reviews

This book is not a graphic novel, yet is continually and beautifully illustrated throughout. Bad Habits is, at its core, a loosely autobiographical story of trying to find the most important love of all: self-love.