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$5-$50 Superpack: Send Books to People in Prison

by Super Pack! Author, Various Author and Microcosm Pub et al Author

We get requests daily from incarcerated folks who want some of our books and zines to read. Most of the books end up being read and passed along or then donated to prison libraries for others to enjoy. We're happy to send these when we can, but the costs add up. Want to pitch in and help us get more reading material to the US population that needs it the most and has the fewest resources? Thank you for your generous sliding-scale contribution!* We will match your funds and send double the value to people in prison who send us daily requests. (When you buy this super pack, we won’t send you anything — we will just add your gift to our books to prison fund.)

*We're not a non-profit, and this is not tax-deductible... you're just buying someone a bunch of books here. Which is very rad—thank you!

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Great idea! My friend in the federal pen at San Pedro has shared his copy of The New Jim Crow & This is Your Brain on ADDICTION with his fellow prisoners. They have been read to shreds. Can I add specific books onto my own personal order for you to send along?