Patch #118: Feel No Guilt in Your Desire

Patch #118Feel No Guilt in Your Desire

by Cristy Road

Note to men: While making out with other men, there is often shameless joy involved. Go with it. But ask first, please.


Herlihy 12/28/2008

I wish it said love, not desire. It seems to me that most people are capable of sleeping with someone they don't like, so the "sexual" base is fairly arbitrary. It's all in affection.

bear 4/19/2008

I want a patch with this on it and what dave just said!

dave 9/10/2007

jones: west philly's not like this all the time. just most of the time.

mj 6/12/2007

this is amazing. i am a straight girl but i believe that if you are gay it shouldn't change what people think of you. it's called fucking freedom! thats what this shit hole country is supposed to be about!

Ali 4/22/2007

I'd love this on a shirt!

rumi 12/25/2006

there should be a female version of this patch!!

jones 12/21/2006

wow, those boyz are so hott! i wish i could be friends with them. i wish i could make out with them at parties. i wish i lived in a post-punk queer heaven. i wish i lived in west philly.

david 11/16/2006

There cute, but the one on the left kind of looks like hes going to throw up. But this rules anyway.

anonymous 3/13/2006

I wish this were available in stickers or buttons. I love the message.

emma 9/11/2005

They look like those guys from Against Me!

jones 7/4/2005

I think they are the hottest boyz ever. i'm not sure.

c road 4/27/2005


Jordan 4/26/2005

Hey!! Thats me!! What the fuck!?!

c road 4/26/2005

I think their names are TOMMY HOTPANTS and JORDAN. I think. Im not sure.

nopants 4/26/2005

wow those boys are so hot!, where can i meet them!?!