picture of a person holding a vibrator, screenprinted on a canvas patch

Patch #149I Heart Vibrators

by Cristy C. Road Author

Do it together or do it yourself? The vibrator is a fabulous resource to get things done. It’s bold, flexible, and intense. And like a microphone, it’s the perfect tool to help amplify your voice. Share your love for these little helpers with this patch design!

Comments & Reviews


Hell yeah, the magic wand! Cristy Road is pretty fucking awesome. (Almost as awesome as masturbating!)


Too bad I thought that was a microphone. No seriously. I mean, look at the size of that vibrator! Yowza! I like her art and writing so much.


I LOVE this patch! I need more to put on everything I own and stickers too. People need to relax and enjoy and feel free to, so I say RIGHT ON!