a canvas patch that says resist gossip with an image of lips

Patch #092Resist Gossip

by Joe Biel Author

Okay. We know it is fun and a little addictive. But it also hurts feelings, people's confidence, and reputations. It's more important than ever in the age of the internet to talk directly to people. If you're concerned about something, have a chat rather than behind their back. Deep down, we all know gossip is a brutal downward snake pit. So resist! Resist! Resist! And what a better humble reminder than with our patch?

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yup. I've learned a whole lot from gossipping with friends. Situations I thought I was alone in and was blaming myself for I realized others were going through. The trouble becomes it's addictive. I am a full supporter of gossip, now, but try to learn lessons from it, to complain then re-frame the complaint in a way that is a bit balanced and proposes some sort of solution. Can't deny the bullshit in the world.~H


exactly what is says... resist gossip. dont talk shit, dont talk about stuff that has nothing to do with you, stay out of other peoples business, dont spread rumors, etc.


it probably means stop listening to people from word of mouth and learn things on your own


What do you mean?


Ernest Hemingway, for whom the bell tolls, anyone?