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After completing a PhD in Plant Ecology, Anja Van Geert has been part of many ecological projects and adventures including growing herbs at an urban farm in their home town of Brussels. They currently live in Brighton, UK organising queer tea ceremonies and herb meditations.

Anja is a breathwork facilitator by trade and is starting out on a new artistic journey. Anja drew the images for Queer Animals and Plants while curled up with their cat Moisey, with Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the background.

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Queer Animals & Plants Coloring Book

Queer Animals & Plants Coloring Book

by Kes Otter Lieffe Author and Anja Van Geert Illustrator

Lesbian gulls, intersex grizzly bears, gay orgies of manatees, trans clownfish, binary-smashing…

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Queer Animals Coloring Book

Queer Animals Coloring Book

by Kes Otter Lieffe Author and Anja Van Geert Author

Lesbian lizards, gay orgies of manatees, polyamorous oystercatchers, trans clownfish, bisexual red deer, and…


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$25 Superpack: Queer Zines

$25 Superpack: Queer Zines

by Super Pack! Author, Cristy C. Road Author, Robert Wildwood Author, Joshua Ploeg Author, Kes Otter Lieffe Author, 3 more

We've got queer zines for you—in this selection from our catalog, you'll learn some skills and…

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