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Joe Carlough is a queer artist from Philadelphia. He runs the zine press Displaced Snail, the DIY record label This & That Tapes, and together with his partner Katie Haegele, the East Falls Zine Reading Room, a cataloged collection of over 1,600 zines. To date, he’s sold over 24,000 copies of roughly 300 zine titles, most his own work, some for hire or in collaboration with organizations like Microcosm Publishing, Joyful Noise Recordings, Womanly Mag, and the Mütter Museum. He’s worked with artists for publishers from indie to Random House, and musicians such as Deerhoof, No Joy, Spencer Moody, and Serengeti.

Cat Party #6: At Home with Our Cats

Cat Party #6: At Home with Our Cats

by Katie Haegele Editor and Joe Carlough Contributor

Contributors reflect on their relationships with their feline companions while quarantined together during the…


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