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Ally Shwed is a cartoonist from Jersey City, NJ. She attended the Savannah College of Art & Design and has created work for clients such as The Boston Globe, The Nib, Vox, The Intercept, and First Second Books, among many others. She also publishes comics through her micropress, Little Red Bird, which has been nominated for multiple awards; and when she’s not creating editorial cartoons or editing anthologies, she’s usually drawing cats.

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Cat Party!: Cats We've Known in Words and Pictures

by Katie Haegele Editor, Dame Darcy Contributor, Joe Biel Contributor, Joe Carlough Contributor, Steven Svymbersky Contributor, 8 more

The cats in our lives are always close to our hearts, whether they're napping in a sunbeam, demanding pets and…


$30 Superpack: Red State Relief

$30 Superpack: Red State Relief

by Super Pack! Author, Dr. Faith G. Harper Author, Joe Carlough Author, Ally Shwed Author, Gwendolyn Olton Author, Dawson Barrett Author and Ijeoma Oluo Author

We've heard you, friends in red states. Times are not so easy. Tensions are high, state legislators and school…

$71.00 $30.00

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The Queer Affirmations Coloring Book

The Queer Affirmations Coloring Book

by Joe Carlough Author and Ally Shwed Illustrator

Heteronormative platitudes got you down? Color these joyful queer affirmations instead! Next time someone pulls out an…


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