pro choice with feminist fist sticker

Sticker #183Pro Choice

by Webly Bowles Author

We thought we'd come so far with reproductive rights, but now we've got these awful politicians taking us right back to the fight that started it all. Demand your reproductive freedoms loud and proud with this sticker.

(Sturdy vinyl sticker with black print on a whit background. Reads: "pro choice" with the first O being a raised fist inside a woman symbol.)


Comments & Reviews


From a non-religious POV, it's about being responsible for your actions. We ALL know the possibile outcomes that exist when we choose to engage in sex. I still believe special circumstances exists when rape or insest are involved.


It would really piss people off in my ultra-religious community/school. I already have a "Keep Abortion Legal" sticker from NOW on my folder and it's already pissed people off. It rocks!!